The Main Reasons to Learn about Python Today


Python is a popular programming language at a high-level that many people around the globe use it today. Python is only behind JavaScript and Java when it comes to the popularity of programming language in the world. Strong communities of Python users are around various scopes of a community such as data analysis, data modeling, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. It is an open-source multi-purpose programming language that can be incorporated in different environments and for different purposes as well. If you are in doubt whether to learn Python or not, check out these basic reasons to study Python instead of other programming languages.


Python comes with a high level of versatility that can be used in various scopes. In general, it is common to find Python in Data Science, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Web Framework, Web Development, Machine Learning, Graphic Design Applications, Embedded Systems, Network Development, Product Development, Gaming, Testing, Automation, Rapid Application Development, and much more things to add to the list. It is easier to use with a more efficient written language in comparison to C, R, and even Java. With that versatility, studying Python leads to a vast probability of a career in the future.

Another thing about Python that makes it a thing to study today is the ease of learning and use. Reading and writing the programming language of Python is very easy. That is the basic goal of Python when it was built for the first time. Complex languages are not there with Python since it keeps only the needed elements for the programming of many things. According to a survey by WP Engine across the US about the easiest programming language to learn, Python is the runner-up after HTML. That survey has 909 developers around the US with various levels of experience in this particular field.

If you are planning to get a job and start a career alongside Python, you have the right decision. This is another thing that makes it important to study Python today. Along the span of 2017 to 2019, the average salary of Python developers in the US is USD 110,021. That is the second place in which the top of the list is Ruby developer with an average salary of USD 114,600. That shows the promising salary to work as a Python developer. There is no need to hesitate anymore in studying Python today with that in mind.


Studying and learning are quite impossible to be done alone. This is another reason to study Python today that it comes with vast and supportive communities all around the globe. There are online forums as well as local clubs to find bits of help regarding Python in any way possible. There will be no hard times at all upon learning and dealing with Python. It is a popular language of programming in the world that there are a lot of supports even on the surface of the web. So, why bother thinking about whether to study Python or not when the actual answer is a clear yes, right?

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