The Unquestionable Popularity of Python as a Programming Language in the World


Python is a highly popular general-purpose programming language in the world today. The popularity is unquestionable after the rather difficult transition from the second version to the third version. Recently Python climbed to the second-best in the ranking of the best programming language in the world. The new ranking is published by RedMonk in which it has been done since 2012. This is the first time that a programming language other than JavaScript and Java to be in the second spot of the rank. Currently, Python is on a tie in second place alongside Java while JavaScript remains the number one.


One crucial time within the continued period of success of Python today was the long and rocky transition from Python 2 to the current version of Python 3. It was a long period of delay to finally stop the support for Python 2. The first version of Python 3 was released in 2008 with the initial plan to stop the support for Python 2 in 2015. That plan is eventually extended to 2020 since many developers need a lot more time to do the transition to Python 3. Regardless of that matter, Python remains the popular choice of programming language today.

The only reason that Python remains below JavaScript is that JavaScript itself is the primary tool for developers to run any code within any web. On the other hand, Java is a common tool to write Android apps. It turns out that Python’s versatility is one of its advantages over other options of programming language out there. Big names within the global scope of technology and network such as Instagram, Dropbox, and Google are all highly relying on the versatility of Python. That could only mean that many smaller companies are using Python as well. Mathematicians and scientists are also using Python as their preferred data-crunching.

During the transitional time from Python 2 to Python 3 with the announcement of no more support for Python 2, many developers have the chance to think of other options around. Many possible options include Google’s Go, Mozilla’s Rust, and also JetBrains’ Kotlin. Furthermore, newcomers can even consider using the most popular one, JavaScript instead of Python in its transition. Nevertheless, both old and new developers decided to go to Python for their programming needs. That fact only boosts the popularity of Python even further than before.


The list of the most popular programming language by RedMonk has its credibility. It shows a similar result of a survey done by StackOverflow. The survey shows that Python is the third most used programming language today. The two forces above Python are JavaScript and SQL. Another proof of Python’s popularity is the Tiobe index that shows Python as the third most searched programming language in search engines. The one on top of the index is JavaScript while C is the runner-up. So, there is no need to hesitate in using Python as a programming language due to its popularity as well as its versatility.

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