GitHub Advanced Security to Tackle Vulnerability Issues of Open Source Platforms


Vulnerability is one particular matter that is pretty close to open source platforms and projects. There are indeed dangers lurking around open source projects on any scale. It is important to detect possible vulnerabilities without them showing up at all. That way will make it easier to find the solutions to deal with the vulnerabilities around. According to the president of GitHub, Jamie Cool, the best way to deal with vulnerabilities of open source projects is not to let them come up in the first place. Open-source software turns out to have a high possibility of being very safe to use.


Finding any possible vulnerability in open-source software is the main purpose of GitHub Advanced Security service. The security aspect is a real challenge in an open-source environment. Hopefully, with the clever ideas behind GitHub Advanced Security, the world of open source will be safer than before. This so-called Advanced Security from GitHub is a kind of complete security package to help warn developers and all users of any open-source software about possible security issues and vulnerabilities within. Hopefully, with the knowledge of those matters, it will be easier to design preventive measures for the system.

One of the useful features included in the Advanced Security of GitHub is a tool called Semmle. This tool works seamlessly to catch commonly known security flaws within any open source system automatically. The automatic functions of Semmle will call out any line of code with probable vulnerabilities along with the reason of the line being vulnerable as well as the logical ways to fix it. Semmle offers a manual function as well for those who work deeper in security researches. Bug hunters will find it useful to search for issues within any open source system easily.

Furthermore, the Advanced Security will include a specific tool to scan repositories of a user where user’s development projects are stored. The idea is to check on private keys and passwords that should never be exposed under any circumstances. This scanner system is a group work of GitHub, Alibaba, and Amazon Web Service to understand all things about authentication tokens better. The purpose is to design all possible solutions to face anything that may come up in the form of vulnerability regarding that particular matter of private keys and passwords. This will greatly help to reduce the level of exposed secrets out of active public repositories.


GitHub Advanced Security is a start that finally there is a serious approach towards security challenges within the open-source community nowadays. It is quite an irony that securities are not focused on by people especially the end-users. Thus, GitHub comes up with the idea of the Advanced Security service to make sure that within the developers’ scope all open-source systems are already safe. This is a huge project that a lot of resources will certainly be needed along the way. GitHub hopes it will run and end well to create a safer open-source environment for everyone involved in it from developers to the end-users.

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